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Our 4 obsessions

A manager, no matter how talented, always has occasional or structural gaps in their racket.
Even the brightest are faced with awkward situations. Delegating abilities, instilling teamwork, motivating and being motivated, effective communication, organizing and being organized, leadership, self-confidence, are all key subjects to be more performant.
There are always spaces to improve.
The first 100 days are crucial to prove oneself, and there is no shortage of moments of solitude or mistakes.
Dealing with a new team, understanding the stakes, positioning oneself is not that simple! Observation is essential, and yet it is essential to be operational from day one.
The added value of a third person, the coach, in a moment when all eyes, internally, are on oneself, is considerable.
Facing a feeling of harassment, experiencing a significant decrease in personal motivation or within one's team, managing a return to the company after an absence or even a colleague's illness, taking into account diversity in one's team, are all situations that have a strong impact on well-being in the performance of one's duties. And well-being is rarely incidental when you have such a central position as a manager; performance is never far away.
How do you recognize a good company? By the way it welcomes you?
Yes, that matters a lot, and having a coach is highly appreciated by new hires. But more and more employees and observers tend to think that it is also about the way it says goodbye to you. The imprint left by the employee on their teams is strong and, above all, in a context of tight recruitment, the departing manager can be a good or bad messenger of your employer brand.
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